Craven Indexes
About Craven Indexes
Craven Indexes was formally known as Dovelands Publishing. In 2007 the name was changed to Craven Indexes.

The reason for the name change was mainly to reflect what the website was all about, that is a collection of Indexes from Church Records and Graveyards in and around Craven, Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales.

The indexes have been compiled over the past 30 years by Josie Walsh and the website is maintained by her son Mark.

Craven Indexes is more or less a hobby website that started when Josie started to publish the indexes so that others could share the information that she has transcribed over the past 30 years.

The indexes were first published in A5 booklet format but before long more and more people were emailing asking questions so in 2004 Mark pointed out that family history is been done on the computers and also online so why not make the indexes available online?
Josie agreed so Mark converted all the indexes in to Adobe PDF Files and built the website.

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